Favorite Animals in Movies and TV Shows on Netflix

Favorite Animals in Movies and TV Shows on Netflix

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There is an old show business saying, “Never work with Children or Animals“, attributed to W.C. Fields. That is partly because they are so adorable they steal every scene they are in. Those of you that are pet and animal lovers can attest to that. So with the addition of The Adventures of Puss in Boots to Netflix streaming this month, we are celebrating animals in movies and TV shows for teens, tweens, and adults.

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I’ve gathered a list of movies and TV shows with interesting animals that you can stream on Netflix. Many of them are some of my favorites.

Movies and TV Shows with Animals for Tweens

1. The Adventures of Puss in Boots – This animated TV series is an action comedy created for Netflix. It is based on the Puss in Boots character from the Dreamworks Animation Shrek films. Five episodes have been released on Netflix to start. This family friendly series if full of laugh-out-loud fun!

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2. Air Bud – Based on the real-life dog, Buddy, a Golden Retriever, Air Bud is a family comedy. Buddy was abused and Josh, his new owner is shy and lacks confidence to try out for the basketball team. However, Josh discovers that his dog Buddy can sink hoops, and soon the golden retriever is leading the team to the championship.

3. Annie (1982) – What little girl (or boy) didn’t fall in love with Sandy when they saw the stage or movie version of Annie? The 1982 version starred Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks, Carroll Burnett and the wonderful Edward Herrmann as FDR.

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4. Jumanji – Not one of the movies that Robin Williams is most known for, but a great family film, which my husband and I took my sons to when they weren’t even both tweens yet, and we all had a great time. In 1969, 12 year-olds Alan and Sarah play a supernatural board game that Alan found washed up on shore. After a roll of the die, Alan disappeared. 26 years later, a new family moves into the house and a brother and sister find the game and continue playing it. In addition to releasing a variety of animals into their house and town, they release a grown Alan (Robin Williams), a bit crazy from living within the board game for so many years. The find Sarah and realize they must all finish the game to bring everything back to normal. Now that I recently found Jumanji on Netflix, I can’t wait to watch it again.

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Movies and TV Shows with Animals for Teens and Adults

1. Family Guy – While Brian Griffin is clearly the smartest, although not the nicest, member of the Griffin household, he is still a dog. If he was a person and said the things he did, he would be probably be considered very obnoxious. But watching a pet talk, we will let them get away with anything.

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2. Frasier – One of the funniest sitcoms ever, helped along by Eddie (played by Moose), Martin’s dog. I recently read that Moose got more fan mail than anyone else on Frasier. The best was when Eddie would stare down Frasier. Now I’m going to have to start watching Frasier again.

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3. Friends – New to Netflix this month, Friends is not really known for its pets. However, Marcel the monkey was very popular in the episodes of season one and two he appeared in. And then who could forget the chick and the duck that Chandler and Joey had for pets.

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I love having a subscription to Netflix streaming. For less than $10 a month, you have access to more TV shows, movies, comedy specials, documentaries and educational shows than you could ever watch. And there is new media added every month. I think it is one of the best deals you can get.

Full Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I get my Netflix Streaming for free. However, I paid for Netflix for years and when my contributions to the StreamTeam end, I will pay to continue streaming again. 

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  1. I love my netflix account! There are so many great shows to watch and catch up on!

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