Amy Poehler and Best Website for Teen Girls Ever

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There is nothing that Amy Poehler can’t do. We all know her as an actress, comedian, and awards show host. But did you know that she has a fantastic website for teen girls, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party.  With the use of videos, Poehler, along with producer, Meredith Walker and singer-songwriter Amy Miles, have put together a great way of sharing advice and more with teens.

The website is made up mostly of a handful of video series on different topics. They can be viewed on the Smart Girls at the Party website or on the The Smart Girls You Tube Channel. The series are:

  • Smart Girls at the Party – Amy interviews smart girls and women and shows that it is cool to be smart.
  • Ask Amy – Amy answers teen girls’ questions. She has addressed questions on topics such as friends, crushes, sleep, negativity and more.
  • Operation Nice – Videos on doing good.
  • Meow, Meow Music – Amy Miles plays cat themed music and special guests and surprises show up.
  • Boy’s Minute – Once in a while some boys will stop in and share what they are up to.
  • Girls of the World and SG in School – Each episode showcases a teen girl from another country and what her life is like. Girls learn about other countries and the world becomes a little smaller.
I am so amazed by how well Amy Poehler really gets teen girls, considering she has two sons under the age of five. I first started to really admire Poehler when she played Hillary Clinton on SNL. Then I became a major fan of her from watching her wonderfully funny TV series, Parks and Recreation. When she hosted the Golden Globes with Tina Fey I thought to myself, she is the funniest woman in America right now. I had no idea though, how many other talents she had. 
If you have or know any teenage girls, you should definitely recommend Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party to them. To never miss a video, subscribe to the Smart Girls YouTube Channel. I can’t wait to see what Amy Poehler will do next.

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  1. Love Amy Poehler, too. What a neat website, I’ll have to forward to our high school teachers to get the word out.

  2. Amy Poehler is one of my favorite celebrities! I am very happy to hear that she is helping young girls in such a positive and fun way. This site is definitely worth sharing with everyone who is raising daughters!

  3. I love Amy Poehler and I had never heard of this. Very cool and I will check it out!

  4. Crystal Threeprncs :

    I have to agree with the above, I love her too. What a great site. I will share this with my cousins.

  5. Emily Reviews :

    I’ll have to tell my tween little sister about this, sounds like such a positive website for girls. 🙂

  6. I love Amy Poehler but didn’t know she had a website for girls. I will be sharing this with my daughter. Thanks!

  7. Danielle Simmons :

    What an awesome site! My pre-teen sister would love it.

  8. Melissa Pezza :

    Amy Poehler is one of my absolute favorites!

  9. Amy Poehler is great.

    I have someone in mind right now to send over to her!

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