Accessorize and Customize Your Windows 8 Tablet

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Ever since I received my Acer Iconia Tab 510 Windows 8 Tablet, I’ve been having fun buying accessories for it. I also love customizing it to my tastes. And I’ve been surprised at how inexpensive most Windows 8 accessories are.

The first thing that I think about when I get any new gadget is keeping it protected. So immediately searched on Amazon for a case for my Windows 8 tablet.

I love that the blue bag above is protective and there is a pocket for other little accessories such as headphones and a stylus (this bag actually came with a stylus). However, sometimes I wish that I bought a stand, like the purple one, instead of a cover (although they are so inexpensive I might buy one anyway.

Other accessories
My Windows 8 Tablet did not come with a Bluetooth keyboard, so I purchased one separately.

 The cool thing about using the Acer keyboard is that it has special keys on the top row.

Customizing Screens
There are many screens that can be customized. First there is the background on the initial screen that comes up when you turn on the tablet. This is the picture that comes up on my tablet:

Then, after you swipe up this page, you come to a sign-in screen in which you can add a photo. After signing in you are taking the windows mode of Windows 8. Even though Windows 8 is already bright and colorful, you can still customize it by choosing on of the designs that comes with the tablet. Here is just one of the many choices:

And if that wasn’t enough you can also customize the background of the tablet in desktop mode.

While the Windows 8 apps include many of the same apps that the Apple store has, such as Netflix, Kindle and Skype, I had fun finding new apps that I’ve never seen before. Some of my favorites are:

1. Bing Daily – Sort of like Google News except with many more colorful pictures. Comes already included in your windows.

2. newsXpresso – A news content aggregator that allows you to see all the headlines at once without having to go in and out of different pages.

3. Cheat Keys & Tips and Windows 8 Reference – Two very handy apps that show you shortcuts and other things you may not know about Windows 8.

4. Xbox SmartGlass – Allows you to control your Xbox from your tablet.

As I discover more great apps I will definitely share them with you. Do you have any favorite Windows 8 apps that you would like to share?

Full Disclosure: I received this tablet for free from Intel to help promote Windows 8 tablets. I am free to write anything I want and all opinions are completely my own.

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If you enjoyed, please share
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  1. Tech accessories always seem to call my name 🙂 These are some great suggestions!

  2. I don’t have a Windows 8, but have been hearing good things about it!

  3. 3 Giggly Monsters :

    Thank you for sharing! Reminded me I need to get to ordering a keyboard for mine.

  4. I would love to have a tablet of any kind. Great post.

  5. I need to be accessorized with the Tech itself first 🙂
    But it’s good to know of the options if I do get one!

  6. Shelley Bryan :

    I would love to have a Windows 8 tablet! These accessories are lovely! I really like the Bluetooth Acer Keyboard you bought, that is a great thing to have. The Neoprene sleeve cover is very nice, too. I love the color!

  7. i bought my husband a samsung galaxy tablet and i got him som case for it too 😀 it’s safer since my kids use it to play a lot of times

  8. my have to really investigate the windows tablet 8 since I have first generation iPad

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