8 Book Apps to Find Great Reads

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Bookslinger app
Bookslinger app

With so many books on the market to choose from, how do you find and choose which books to read? Back in the day we only had newspaper and magazine book reviews and advice from friends. Now, we can find book recommendations, reviews and more on our mobile apps.

Here are some of the best book apps for finding books. They are all Free except, ironically, the Free Books app.

General Book Finding apps:

Goodreads app

1. Goodreads – Goodreads is one of the largest apps/websites that recommend books. It is social so you see what books your friends are reading and read their reviews. The “Explore” function allows you to browse all books by genre, new, popular, and lists. You can search for books you are thinking of reading and see all members’ reviews.

2. Bookslinger – Looking for contemporary short fiction. Browse Bookslinger by interest category, title or author and read a story directly from the app. All stories are part of a larger collection, so if you find an author you like you can get info on their other works.

BookYap app

3. BookYap – Instead of browsing books by the typical genre categories, BookYap has more interesting genre names. Instead of business, literary or memoirs, you’ll find alpha male, activist, thrill seeker, single mingler, soul seeker and more.

Kobo app

4. Kobo – A very social book app (there is also a Kobo Reader) you can share what you are reading and passages on Facebook or Twitter with ease. You can add your own ebooks into Kobo, through Dropbox, to have your entire collection on Kobo. Kobo also tracks your reading habits and delivers interesting stats to you.

Free Books app

Free Reads:

5. Free Books – If you’ve been meaning to catch up on the classics, this app is for you. 23,469 free classic books available to read instantly in the Free Books app. Browse by genre or author.

Wattpad app

6. Wattpad – Discover and share stories and books for free. Many original stories only found on Wattpad. Submit your own. Find free classics also.

7. Overdrive Media Console – This app works in conjunction with public libraries to allow you to borrow ebooks for free from your local library. All you need is a library card and your off.

Overdrive Media Console app

Comic Books and Graphic Novels:

Comics app by comiXology

8. Comics by comiXology – A comic platform that allows you to read a huge variety of comics. While the app is free, you do have to pay for the comics. Comics is the largest public library and store, it has both Marvel, DC Comics, The Walking Dead and much more. Browse by publisher, series, genre or creator.

Now all we need is an app that will help us find time to read all the great discoveries we find on these apps.

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  1. Dixieland Deals :

    I had no idea that some of these even existed! I do use Goodreads, but never heard of these others. Thanks for a great, informative post!

  2. Great information! Thanks

  3. This is fantastic! I’ll definitely use this. There’s so much out there it’ll be great to have a way to narrow it down. Have fabulous week!

  4. I think it is wonderful what all is available now. I’ll pass this post along.

  5. who knew?? i stumble around on amazon….now that Borders is closed…and all of these look like such better ideas. thank you, thank you…in some small way you have changed my life.

  6. Grown and Flown, thank you. My number one goal in blogging is to be helpful. I love hearing from time to time that I actually was.

  7. Definitely will be adding some of these apps to my phone and ipad – but , you missed one of my favorites features of my favorite app – OVERDRIVE. Not only can you get ebooks, but also audio books! It is now my go to app for audio books from the library to listen to while I walk the dog in the mornings! So much easier to stay out for that 45 minutes to an hour with him when I don’t want to stop listening anyway. I’m knocking out more books now than ever and its all FREE! Thanks for spreading the word.

  8. Chris, I probably didn’t think about it because I’m not really an audiobooks user. Except for the occasional humor book, I’d rather listen to music if I’m listening to something. With books, I prefer to read.

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