6 Book Reviews on Video

In the video below are reviews and recommendations of six books I have enjoyed recently. The six books are:

1. The Books They Gave Me: True Stories of Life, Love, and Lit – Jen Adams

2. Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers – Kate Hopper

3. A Case for Solomon: Bobby Dunbar and the Kidnapping That Haunted a Nation – Tal McThenia and Margaret Dunbar Cutright (I referred to this as a novel at one point on the video, however it is a nonfiction book)

4. Wife 22 – Melanie Gideon

5. Boys Who Rocked the World: Heroes from King Tut to Bruce Lee – Michelle Roehm McCann

6. Girls Who Rocked the World: Heroines from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa –¬†Michelle Roehm McCann

Here are my descriptions and reviews of the above books:

Would you like to see more video reviews on Connect with your Teens or do you prefer written reviews?

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  1. I think #5 sounds super! THanks for your video review!

  2. I will be checking these out – thanks for review!

  3. Clever way to do reviews! You’ve turned me on to some new additions to my Wish List.

  4. Lisa Heffernan :

    Loved your video. Feels like a conversation with a book group friend. This is a great way to tell us about them, thanks.

  5. Very original and I heard about the Bobby Dunbar Kidnapping on NPR radio station. I think I’d like to read it.

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