5 Ways Social Media Changed My Life

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1. Professionally
I began blogging in March of 2008. I could have posted thousands of articles, but if it wasn’t for social media, I doubt anyone but a few friends and family members would ever have read them. However, by submitting links to social media sites and meeting people and networking online, my blog grew a readership, moved up in search engine rankings and is read by thousands.

2. Old Friends
Once Facebook became popular with adults, I became re-acquainted with many of my old high school friends, most of whom I hadn’t talked to in years. In fact, earlier this year, five of us met up for a weekend reunion.

3. News
Instead of going to individual news websites for my online news, I find almost all my news from social media sites. By following the people that I have selected to follow, I am likely to find links to articles I would be interested in on all these sites. I happen to love technology and entertainment news. I get streams of both on my social networks.

4. Online discussions
The ability to discuss topics through bulletin boards and blog commenting has brought certain topics more alive for me. The best example was the television show Lost. Lost would not have been the same experience had it been on the air before social media. The online discussions were one of the best parts of being a Lost fan.

5. Meeting new people in person
Social media isn’t only about being online. It very often leads to actual in-person meetups. I started using social media right after I moved from the suburbs to NYC and didn’t have many friends nearby. Through Tweetups, blogger lunches and conferences, and various other events I have met many social media users, some of which I have gotten to know very well.

My sons often ask me how I lived before the Internet. I tell them that I didn’t know what I was missing. But one thing I do know, I couldn’t live without the Internet or social media from this point forward.

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