5 Teen and Tween Products From Toy Fair 2011

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Midnight Mori Baby Vampyre from Vamplets - Plush Vampire BabyWhile attending Toy Fair 2011 last month, I found so many great products for teens and tweens that I knew that I wouldn’t be able to write about all of them in one article. So I decided to break them up by genre: board games, card games, video and electronics, logic puzzles and miscellaneous products, which I am writing about today.

Here are a variety of items from Toy Fair 2011 for teens and/or tweens:

1. Klutz – I’ve been a fan of Klutz books for years. Most of their products are How-To Books packaged with all tools needed. They now also make Kluzt Guide, Klutz Kits and more fun educational products. You can check out their website for their classic items, many of which are award winners.

These are just a few of the brand new 2011 items:

  • Safety Pin Bracelets – shows how anyone can craft an entire collection of brilliantly sparkling jewelry out of garden-variety safety pins. Includes 12 unique bracelet designs, you pick the colors and patterns so each bracelet is uniquely you. 8+
  • The Encyclopedia of MY Immaturity – a wise-cracking collection of write-in-the-book activities immortalizing the triumphs of a misspent youth.  8+
  • The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy – you can explore the universe without leaving the comfort of your backyard. Assemble the included telescope to see the Moon’s top attractions. Flick on the red-lens flashlight – specially designed to keep your night vision intact – to consult the Tourist Map of the Moon and super-simple star charts. Tell time with a star, using the book’s built-in sundial. Or use the astrolabe to figure out your latitude anywhere on Earth. 8+

2. Baby Vampyres – These are the most adorable baby vampires or Vamplets as they are referred to. There are a variety of them, all with their own name. Many accessories are also sold, such as disappearing bottles of blood, buttons and hair clips. All babies come in their own little box coffins to sleep in. You might have to see them to belive it, but I can really see these baby Vamplets becoming a hot teen or tween craze.

3. LockerLookz – Decorative designs for tween girls lockers. Includes wallpapers, bins, magnets, mirrors, white boards and more.

4. LockerSkin – Decals to decorate lockers, for male or female teenagers. LockerSkin Decals are 6″ x 17″ mini posters that are easy to stick on and peel off.

5. 3D Posters from Pyramid America – While Pyramid America sells many pop culture posters that teens would love, their new line of 3D posters, many of which are of their favorite bands or movies, will surely excite them. Do you know anyone that would like 3D posters of The Beatles, Pulp Fiction, Twilight Movie, Pink Floyd and Hello Kitty?

Do you think that your teens or tweens would be interested in any of these? I’ll be writing about the board games, card games and electronic or video products from Toy Fair 2011 in the weeks to come. 

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