5 Cool Tech Products 2012

pivothead 5 Cool Tech Products 2012

When I attend technology shows such as CES, Showstoppers and Pepcom, I often come across fascinating products or services that I never get a chance to review. Here are some of the cool interesting technologies that you might be interested in.

1. Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear
Create HD video recordings completely hands-free. Your glasses are your videocamera. They are even available with prescription so if you are a glasses wearer you can switch to Pivothead for videotaping. Great for using while bicycling, skiing, or doing anything else where you would not be able to hold a camera. Click here for Pivothead website info and here to purchase Pivothead glasses cheaper on Amazon.

gunnar 5 Cool Tech Products 2012

2. GUNNAR Technology Eyewear
GUNNAR has created glasses that reduce digital eye strain. They sell four categories of eyewear – computer, gaming, 3D and outdoors. The computer and gaming glasses are also available for prescription. Click here for GUNNAR website info and here to purchase cheaper on Amazon.

ihealth 5 Cool Tech Products 2012

3. iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System and app
The iHealth app turns your iphone or iPad into a blood pressure monitor. With the purchase of the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock you can track, graph and share your records. The dock also works as a charging station for your apple device. Click here foriHealth website info and here to purchase the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad cheaper on Amazon.

4. Maxell Safe Soundz

maxell+headphones 5 Cool Tech Products 2012

These volume limiting headphones for kids ages 3-8 allow parents to manage the listening habits of their children with this family of products that control the maximum decibel level outputs using volume limiting circuit technology.  The series of products offers a range of safe listening decibel levels from 75db to 95bd. Click here for Maxell website info and here to purchase on Amazon.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat

nest+thermostat 5 Cool Tech Products 2012

The Nest thermostat learns and gets better over time. This simple to use thermostat adjusts automatically to keep your home the way you like it. It also notices when you are not home and turn itself to an energy-saving temperature. It also tracks your energy history and more. The Nest is also very nice on the eyes. Click here for The Nest website info and here for The Nest on Amazon.

I hope you will check out these great technology products.

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  1. Great finds! I especially like the camera/glasses.

  2. I know i need those computer glasses. Thanks for letting me know about them!

  3. angelaparsonmyers :

    That thermostat looks interesting. Not sure I’d like it if it thought I wasn’t home just because I was being quiet, tho. : – )

  4. Sounds like some nice tech products, love the glasses!

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