4 Social Entrepreneurships Where You Can Do Good

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Last week I attended a NYC technology event featuring a variety of startup companies of all types. The  type of companies that intrigued me most were the social entrepreneurships, companies started by people looking to make a profit, but also to help society in some way. And by visiting these websites, you can also do good.

Here are 4 Social Entrepreneurships worth checking out:

Is your house overflowing with things that you need to get rid of. Do you hate to throw away things that are still in good shape? Selling on ebay can be a hassle. And I know that when I donate, I just choose the most convenient charity, not one that I necessarily support. That is why Web Thrift Store is a great way to go.

With Web Thrift Store you sell your unwanted items online, similar to the way you would on ebay, but it is much easier. All you do is choose a charity from the many on the website that have signed up, list your item, add a picture and a price and the company handles the rest of the sale. If it sells, the buyer pays for shipping and you just have to ship it at no expense. You have killed two birds with one stone. You got rid of clutter and you donated to charity. If you want to help charities and don’t want to sell, please visit Web Thrift Store and consider buying other’s goods.

 You Give Goods
The motto of You Give Goods – “When Doing Good is Made Easy, More Good Gets Done”. And that is exactly what this company does. They make food drives easy. Whether you want to run a food drive or contribute to one, you never have to leave your computer. You Give Goods takes care of the hassle part, everything involved with food delivery. And with social media tools on the website, it is easy to publicize your drive. Food Drives have never been easier to accomplish. And I know that I am much more likely to do something if it doesn’t require me to run around.
Have you ever wanted to volunteer but not know how or where to find volunteer work? In high school teens are often required to volunteer. Wouldn’t it would be great if there was an easy way for them to find volunteer work suited to them? GiveGab is a brand new social network for volunteers and volunteer managers to find each other in their local communities.

Social Power
Where do you go if you are passionate about an issue or getting something done and you want to get the word out and get help? Sure there are sites for very important, usually political issues. But what about issues that are a little less important to the world at large but still important to you and others. Social Power is here to help. Add your issue to the website. All issues are displayed for visitors to see and read about. If 1,000 people agree with your issue, the people at Social Power will make it an initiative and contact people that can set it in motion.

An example of some of the more important issues on Social power are:

  1. Cell phone companies should eliminate all cell phone contracts
  2. Personal electronic devices should be allowed during takeoff and landing
  3. Ticketmaster’s absurd service charges should be reduced or eliminated
Some issues that might seem less important to the average person are:
  • I want Chipotle to deliver
  • Facebook should have a dislike button
  • Create an app where I could register to be a movie extra
I hope you will check out each one of these 4 Social Entrepreneurships. Each one of them will give you a chance to do good. Who can say no to that?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about most of these and I’m currently in the process of sorting through my sons’ toys- there will be plenty that need to find a good home!

  2. These are great programs and I’m so glad to learn about them! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Crystal Threeprncs :

    We will be doing a lot of sorting and tossing this month. There are some great resources here I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I never knew of web thrift stores. How awesome!

  5. Okay, I had no idea about these programs so definitely thank you for sharing! Love the concepts.

  6. I didn’t know about ANY of these and they are all awesome!! (LOL at “Facebook should have a dislike button”.) Thank you for sharing!

  7. I enjoyed reading your post. There are a lot of great services to team up with.

  8. Your post came at a perfect time; I have 3 kids rooms that are being cleaned out in the next few weeks. I had not heard about any of this, but now our things will go for a good cause. Will check it out. Thanks for sharing

  9. Tough Cookie Mommy :

    This is great! I’m always looking for opportunities for my students to get involved in issues that benefit the community as a whole. Also, I strive to teach them lessons about how they can do good as individuals.

  10. i agree with you that cell phone companies should eliminate their contracts! they are such a pain in the behind in my opinion

  11. Maggie Amada :

    Awesome. I’ll be trying out some of these. Thanks.

  12. Great recommendations. I too am no too pleased with the cell phone companies. Thank for sharing the list.

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