4 Mobile Apps for Parents of Teens and Tweens

I highly recommend these four mobile apps for parents of teens and tweens. Three of them are extremely useful, and one will help you connect with your teens.

1. Love is Not Abuse (LINA) – This brand new iPhone app, from Liz Claiborne Inc., gives parents insight into what it feels like for a teen to be a victim of digital dating abuse and also helps parents recognize the signs. The app is free and very timely after a recent report finding that parents in the U.S. are less likely to talk to their teens about the dangers of dating than sex, drugs or alcohol. Use the Love is Not Abuse App (LINA in the Apple store) to learn about dating abuse and talk to your teens. For more information, go to the Love is Not Abuse website.

2. ESRB Mobile App – This free app allows parents to learn much more about a video game’s content and maturity level before buying. Using an iPhone, Android or Windows 7 phone, a parent only has to take a picture of the front of the video game box, and a host of information appears to help him make a decision. Sometimes you need more than just the video game rating on the box.

3. iCurfew – Created by the Radical Parenting website for the iPhone, this is a great way for teens and parents to check in with each other remotely. When teens checks in, parents automatically see the teens location on the map. Very useful when the parent needs to know where to pick the teen up and for peace of mind. Also includes customized message templates.

4. I Heart Mom – How can you not like an app with a name like this? This is basically an app (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) of conversation starter cards for families, leaning towards topics for moms and older kids, such as teens and tweens. A few example questions are

  • Mom to Teen: What is the best concert you have been to?
  • Teen to Mom: What do you most value in life?
  • Mom to Teen: Do you remember any of your imaginary friends?

Can you recommend any other mobile apps for parents of teens?

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