3D and Vision: Harmful? Hear from the Experts

3d 3D and Vision: Harmful? Hear from the Experts

It wasn’t long ago that 3D was something special, reserved for the occasional movie theater experience. Now, it is about to take over our homes. 3D is coming to our television sets and our video games. Is there any reason to be worried, especially about the vision of our teens and tweens who spend hours gaming?

Not to worry, the experts are already on it. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recently announced a partnership with the 3D@Home Consortium to improve the understanding of 3D/s3D viewing as a safe and appropriate technology for all viewing audiences. This relationship will allow them to exchange the most current information and research.

This new partnership has created a website, 3D Vision & Eye Health, a great resource for the public to answer any concerns or questions they may have about 3D and their family’s vision and eye care. Right now the news is all good. 3D has not been found to be harmful to vision.

There is even better news.A benefit has been found to watching 3D. If you or your kids do have any reactions to viewing 3D, you should go see an Optometrist. The checkup may uncover a vision problem that might never have been detected.

3Ds of 3D viewing:

  1. Discomfort – this can be helped by sitting further away from the screen.
  2. Dizzyness – similar to motion sickness. It would help if you start by watching small amounts at a time.
  3. Lack of Depth – If the viewer is not seeing the full 3D experience or experiences headaches or eyestrain watching 3D, this could be a symptom of an underlying problem and a visit to an optometrist is in order.

3D Glasses

 3D and Vision: Harmful? Hear from the Experts

Now that 3D is coming into our homes, there will be a need for much better 3D glasses. No longer will we wear a pair at a theater and toss it. Once we buy 3D glasses for our families to be worn for periods of time, quality will be paramount. Marchon 3D is combining quality and fashion to make the perfect 3D family glasses.

Recently, Marchon3D received its first patent for its unique, curved lenses configured to decode three-dimensional content. Marchon3D’s Marchon3D house brand and licensed brands, Nautica and ck Calvin Klein feature the premiere M3DPH lens technology that is more advanced than any other 3D lens on the market. Marchon will also be offering for the first time, 3D prescription glasses and 3D clip style lenses to attach to glasses. These collections will all be distributed through independent eyecare professionals and optical shops worldwide.

3D Technology
So, it looks like there is no need to fear 3D technology. Go ahead and enjoy it. To learn more about 3D technology in general, go to 3D University.

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