3 Teen and Tween Logic Solitaire Games

When I attended Toy Fair 2011 last month, I wandered through the area where Think Fun had many of their toys and games set up. Everything was so colorful I assumed, at first, that I was looking at kid’s toys. It wasn’t until a representative showed me around and demonstrated some of the logic games meant for ages 8 and up that I realized that some of them were perfect for not only tweens, but for teenagers and even adults.

1. Rush Hour – This is a puzzle that defies age. I bought this for my son when he was very young because puzzles came naturally to him. He was able to solve the puzzles quicker than the rest of the family even though he was the youngest.

If you’ve never seen this classic, award-winning game, players slide cars and trucks out of their way to clear a path for the red car. Rush Hour has four levels of play so that you can progress as you go along.

Think Fun recently created a Rush Hour app for the iPhone, iPad and android. It is identical to the game in every way. The free app comes with 35 games, however once you become addicted, like I already have, you might want to upgrade to the $2.99 app which has 2,500 Rush Hour games.

ThinkFun Solitaire Chess
2. Solitaire Chess – This 2011 Toy of the Year award winner is a fantastic way to learn how to play chess, or for beginners to practice. It is perfect for anyone of any age over 8. I hate to admit it, but I never learned how to play chess. I am going to try to rectify that with Solitaire Chess.

The rules in Solitaire Chess are simple – first set up the chess pieces on the board according to one of the 60 challenge cards, then proceed to capture and eliminate all but one piece using only moves allowed in traditional chess. You must capture a piece with each move.

Think Fun has also created an app for Solitaire Chess, which makes it easy to use on the go. As with Rush Hour, there is a free app with 40 challenges or an app for $2.99 with 400.

ThinkFun Tilt
3. Tilt – Tilt is a logic maze on a tilted base so it teeters back and forth. Choose one of the challenge cards and set your pieces. Your goal is to slide the green sliders through the center exit hole using the innovative tilting game board. To make your job a bit trickier, the blue sliders must stay on the grid at all times.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about many more toys and games for teens and tweens that I discovered last month at Toy Fair 2011.

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