3 New Books for Teens – Poetry, Dating and a Reading Journal

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Teens and tweens have more books written for them now than ever before. However, in addition to all the Young Adult novels on the market, there are many interesting non-fiction books being published for this young demographic. Here are three new books for teens that I found very useful:

1. Poetry Speaks: Who I Am – The authors, Elise Paschen and Dominique Raccah, have already put together poetry books for adults and for children. They felt it was most important to create a poetry book for teens and tweens, as poetry for that demographic is harder to find. However, just as teens love music, they are at a place in their lives where poetry speaks to their feelings and identity and can touch them deeply.

I could have used this book when I was a teen. I never got poetry, I still don’t. In school, the only poetry we were taught were the classics, with themes that I didn’t often relate to. In Poetry Speaks Who I Am, all of the poems (over 100) were selected because their themes are those that resonate with teens. These are poems for teens to enjoy. The Poetry Speaks book also includes a CD so teens can hear the poetry read to them.

2. Frog or Prince: The Smart Girls Guide to Boyfriends – When you begin dating somebody new, how can you tell if you have found a healthy relationship (a prince) or an unhealthy one (a frog). This book follows four girls and helps them determine if the guy they are with is right for them. Very important information to learn as a teen, because it will be needed throughout their lives. How many times have you only relied on your heart and not your head in relationships?

Frog or Prince is a terrific resource for teenage girls for advice on dating and relationships. After growing up on fairy tales and happily ever after movies, its no wonder that girls think it is easy to find the perfect guy. The first and one of the most important pieces of advice in the book is about self-respect. You won’t pick a prince unless you believe you deserve one. For any mom who has had her heart broken and wants to help prevent her daughter from this fate, this is a perfect book for both of you. And it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to share the book with your teen sons to help turn them into princes and not frogs.

3. Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens: A Reading Journal for Young Adult Book Lovers – If you have a teen that loves to read, this book would make a great gift. This journal is great for young bibliophiles to organize their reading. Also included are more than 2,400 recommended books in a variety of genres including fiction, manga, poetry, sports and biography.  There are also lists of award winning books for teens. Next to each book on the lists, there is a place to check off either Own, Recommend, To Read or Wait. There is also a loaner page to keep track of books you have lent out.

The author, Rachelle Rogers Knight, has previously created an adult version of this journal, Read, Remember, Recommend: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers. She also has a website, Bibliobabe, which has many contests and a section for teens.

I hope you find a book that you think your teen would like. The gift or reading is one of the best gifts we can give our kids. Soon, I will be reviewing an award winning, young adult novel and a few books for parents of teens.

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