25 College Advice Articles for Teens and Parents

During the five years that I have been writing Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, I have written many articles about education. A number of them have been advice to parents or students about college.

Here are Connect with your Teens’ Top 25 articles relating to college (in chronological order from oldest to newest):

1. Rate My Professors

2. Getting Into College: Admissions Officers Talk Candidly

3. Pick-a-Prof: Help for Students Choosing College Classes

4. Upromise College Funding Source

5. Top 3 Student College Review Websites

6. Over 700 Unique Lists about College

7. College Search and Admission Advice for Both Parents and Teens

8. 5 Great Lists for College Bound Students

9. Sending Your Child to College – Best Manual for Parents and Teens to Prepare

10. 5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Teens in College

11. What Colleges Look for in an Applicant

12. Should Rankings Matter in College Selection

13. Can Facebook Hurt Your College Acceptance Chances

14. College Waitlists and Backup Schools – Help!

15. Make the Most Out of College Campus Visits

16. SuperFutures Offers Teens Online Guidance Counselors

17. Junior Year Preparation for College

18. College Financial Aid Packages

19. Packing for College – Do’s and Don’ts

20. Unigo Expert Advice on Large College Lecture Classes

21. College Size: How Important is it in Choosing a School?

22. 8 Back to School Apps for College Students

23. Top 10 Higher Ed Tech Trends

24. College Bound and Gagged: Funny Helpful Book for Parents of Teens

25. Save for College with Upromise

Are there any other college related issues or questions that you would like to see an article on here at Connect with your Teens?

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