15 Mobile Game Apps For Both Teens and Adults

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Bumpy Road ipad app
Bumpy Road

I love it when my sons, husband and I have some of the same apps in common on our iPhones and iPads. Even if we don’t play against each other, discussing the games gives us another way to connect.

Here are 15 of the highest rated games that both teenagers and adults enjoy playing (in alphabetical order):

1. 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling ($3.99, Lite version Free) – Play Shuffleboard, a shuffleboard bowling combination, or a shuffleboard, bowling and poker combination. The lite version contains only the last game, the combo of all three.

2. Angry Birds (Many versions, various prices) – For the one or two people who have not heard of Angry Birds, you propel birds, slingshot style, at pigs sitting in different structures, to try to destroy them. With the success of the original, many themed versions have been created such as Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Magic.

3. Bumpy Road ($2.99) – Guide an elderly couple on a ride down a bumpy road as they try to collect memories from their past.

4. Checkers Free HD – Most popular checkers iPhone app. Play 1 or 2 player. Great graphics.

5. Contr Jour HD ($2.99, non-HD $.99) – Award winning game that blurs the lines between games and interactive art. “Use your finger to morph the landscape, propelling the mysterious creature Petit to safety. Pull, swipe, and tap gadgets such as tendrils, air geysers, and pulleys to complete clever puzzles.”

Doodle Jump
Doodle Jump

6. Doodle Jump ($.99) – Guide the Doodler up a series of never ending platforms without falling. The most popular iPhone game until Angry Birds. Available for all mobile platforms.

7. Draw Something (Free) – Pictionary on a mobile device. This game became so popular a few months ago that its creator, OMGPOP was bought out by Zynga for $180,000,000.

8. Fairway Solitaire HD (Free) – “Follow this hilariously sarcastic story of the gopher and his seething disdain and desire to put all golfers in their place!” An adventure and card game all in one.

9. Hidden Object Crosswords ($4.99) – Crossword puzzles with a twist. Clues represent hidden objects to be found. There are more than 50 challenging levels.

10. Kingdom Age (Free) – Go back to medieval times and build a kingdom. Slay dragons, battle other plays and collect gold for your kingdom.

11. Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99 for all mobile devices, $6.99 for iPad HD) – Save your home from zombies with an arsenal of peashooters, cherry bombs and more. Extremely popular PopCap game for all ages.

12. SpellTower ($.99) – If you combined Boggle and Tetris, you would wind up with SpellTower. Create words before the tower of letters reaches the top. Many levels, from very easy on.

13. Temple Run (Free) – Picture the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but now it is up to you to keep Indiana Jones alive and running!

Where's My Dollars app
Where’s My Dollars

14. Where’s My Dollars ($.99) – Travel throughout the world and pick up the dollar bills you find along the way.

15. Words with Friends (Free, ad-free version $.99) – Basically a different version of Scrabble. Extremely popular and became even more so after Alec Baldwin was kicked off an airplane because he wouldn’t stop playing.

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