15 Educational Technology Blogs that Rock

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Getting Smart - Book and website

Technology is changing education, slowly but surely. Teachers need to keep up with the changes in teaching that technology brings. Parents should be aware of how technology is affecting their kid’s schooling. Here are my 15 favorite educational technology blogs to help anyone with an interest in technology in education to keep up:

1. Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

2. Mark Brumley Educational Technology

3. Teach42 Education and Technology by Steve Dembo

4. Teacher Cast: A Place for Teachers to Help Other Teachers

5. MissRalston’s Posterous

6. Getting Smart: Think, Learn, Innovate

7. Mind/Shift: How We Will Learn

8. Edtechdigest: Cool Tools, Interviews, Trends

9. Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning

10. eSchool News: Technology News for Today’s K-20 Educator

11. Common Sense Media – Common Classroom: A Community for Common Sense Educators

12. Free Technology for Teachers: Free Resources and Lesson Plans for Teaching with Technology

13. Teach the Cloud

14. Will Richardson: Read, Write, Connect, Learn

15. Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Teaching Students with New Tools, Enthusiasm and Belief that Teaching is a Noble Calling.

If you have any other favorite education technology blogs, please share.

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  1. Thanks for the discover!

  2. Here is one that we have researched and found to be very helpful to students, parents and teachers…

    UPDATE: Khan Academy just released a free iPad App. You can download it here Some of the iPad toting patrons in our office have been playing around with it, and we think it’s definitely worth downloading.

    #1 The Salman Khan Academy: The most amazing online tutoring website I found in my research is The Kahn Academy. Salman Khan was living in Chicago, remotely tutoring his two cousins in New Orleans. He created web videos to archive his instructions and made them available on Youtube.com. Not only did his cousins remark that they learned more from his videos than they did from him directly, other viewers from around the world stumbled upon his videos and began learning as well.Today The Khan Academy has a library of over 2,400 videos on everything from math and science, to astronomy and finance. Videos are less than 15 minutes long, and students progress through question and answer sessions until they master a concept, reviewing material whenever they struggle. The most revolutionary part of these videos is that they give anyone wanting to learn about a topic the ability to learn at their own pace, pause and review material without feeling embarrassed to ask a question they feel like they should already know, or hold up the rest of the class to understand a concept everyone else seems to be following. If you’re thinking the price of this service is going to be the catch, think again. It’s all free. The Khan University takes online tutoring to a whole new level, this is quite possibly the future of education. (If you try this tutoring website, tell us about it in the comments below)

  3. You might also consider long term, critical, must know learning, educational technology blog:


    Where individual, long term, critical must know learning, = Appropriate, Professionally Facilitated: initial understanding, ongoing reinforcement, fluency/mastery, recall (eliminating forgetting), application, stick/behavior change, adaptive reasoning skills, in the most effective and most efficient way possible

    Consistent with the new, long term, learning model:

    “ Instructor facilitated, truly personalized learning, over time, with Instructor facilitated, truly personalized reinforcement, over time, in an Instructor facilitated, truly personalized, blended learning environment, over time” [ Supported by instructor facilitated, truly personalized learning technology, over time].

  4. Thanks: It’s an honor to be on this list.


  5. Good resource to start with. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I appreciate this list. I need some more of this. I like blogaid, askkim, and thattechchik

  7. I agree with Jeff. It’s great to be included in such a distinguished list. Thanks!


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