15 Best Video Game Holiday Gifts for Teens and Tweens

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Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard and Software Bundle for Xbox 360
Update 11/2012: 13 New Video Games for Teens and Tweens as Holiday Gifts

This year, since I had so many video games to recommend for holiday gifts for your teens, I decided to make a completely separate holiday list just for video games. Tomorrow, I will publish another list of holiday gifts for teens, everything other than video games. This list should have something for all types of teens:

1. Rock Band 3 (All Platforms) – Brand new and a major change from all Rock Bands and Guitar Hero games that have come before. Players can actually learn how to play instruments on Rock Band 3. So for the price of the game, you are getting a video game and music lessons all in one. You or your teens can actually learn to play the guitar, bass or keyboards, with a lot of practice through this amazing new video game. The game itself is still played basically the same, although the addition of keyboards adds a new challenge for those players that have mastered all the other instruments.

2. NHL 11 – (All Platforms) Reviews very favorable, showing it to be the best ever of the NHL series, especially for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox.

The rest of the games are divided by platform:

Nintendo Wii
Raving Rabbids Travel in Time3. Raving Rabbids Travel in Time – This is such a cool game for tweens and teens. It is a party game that the whole family will love playing together. The 5th in the Rabbids series (you can play this without having seen the others), have the Rabbids accidentally traveling back in time. Have the rabbids revisit the greatest moments in history and decide if the course of history should be changed. Uncover wacky hidden mysteries, find 5 more fun games, play in teams and customize your bunnies.

4. Just Dance 2– Updates the very popular Just Dance with more songs, new movies, new competitive game modes and an improved more accurate movement recognition system. Music includes old school favorites and hot new hits. The hot dance moves are choreographed by real experts in every styule of music including Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, Latin and more. There is also an all new party mode. Try playing against your teens and see if you can keep up. Don’t forget how great an exercise dancing can be.

5. uDraw Studio – The bundle consists of the drawing tablet and the uDraw Studio game. For much more information, see my blog article uDraw Game Tablet for the Nintendo Wii.

Xbox 360
6. Microsoft Kinect – An accessory, not a game, but the accessory everyone will want this holiday season. It does come packaged with one game, but I will be recommending some great games below that you might want to give your teens as extra gifts. If your teens already have an Xbox you can purchase the Kinect for $150. If not, A new updated Xbox with the Kinect sells for $300. For more info see Microsoft Kinect: 10 Things You Should Know.
Kinect Sports
7. Kinect Sports – Play soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, table tennis, track and field and boxing. You move and your avatar on screen makes all the corresponding moves. Game modes include solo, cooperative and competitive play with different levels.

8. Dance Central – For the Kinect, dance the night away with holding on the any controllers. Watch your avatar make all your dance moves. Over 600 dance moves. Developed by Harmonix, the creators of the Rock Band series. Full body dance moves, killer soundtrack and more than 90 dance routines. You’ll never need any other exercise after this.
9. Kinectimals – (for the Kinect) This is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. This takes Furbys and Tamagochis to a whole new level. Kids and Tweens will absolutely adore this and whole families will love it even if they don’t want to admit to it. Kinectimals is filled with 20 playful exotic wild animals. You adopt and name on of them. After that, it will come running to the screen when it hears your voice and respond to commands such as jump and roll over and purr when you scratch them. You will roam the island and discover it with your new pet. Kinectimals takes virtual pets to a whole new level.

PlayStation 3
10. PlayStation Move – The move is a peripheral for the PS3 that makes it similar to the Wii. It inlusdes a Move motion controller and an eye camera so that you can now play motion games, such as dance, exercise and sports where your movement will be seen, however you still need to hold a controller in your hand. For more information and for games that work with the Move see Family Gaming Fun with PlayStation Move Motion Gaming.

11. Sports Champions – (Use with Move) – All new and different sports such as Gladiator Duel, Archery, Disc Golf and Bocce Ball. For casual to hard-core games with a variety of modes.

Nintendo DS
12. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future – The 3rd in the series which includes Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box and Professor Layton and the Curious Village, these fantastic games are full of hundreds of puzzles that are weaved into a storyline, challenging players with fun, brain teasers, puzzles and riddles.

13. Style Lab Fashion Designs – There are many games in which you can design your own fashions, but here, after you do that, you can order them to actually wear. Share your creations with your friends in the online style lab gallery and express your unique style.

PC Online
14. Global Agenda – A massively multiplayer online game dealing with science fiction and secret agents. Find out more in my review at Best Video Game for Teens Awarded to Global Agenda.
Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge
15. Nancy Drew – Go to the website Her Interactive and you will find a home for Nancy Drew fans of all ages. Many new games are being launched for the holiday season for the PC and the Mac and now even the iPad. The games can be downloaded directly for Her Interactive, or can be purchased in boxes (better for gift giving) from the site, or from Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart. The new holiday release games are Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge and Nancy Drew: Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites.

Stayed Tuned for my list of non-gaming holiday gifts for teens. I also have a list of online video games for teens and tweens that are free that I will be writing later this month. Of the above games, which do you think you would be most apt to purchase?

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