12 Great Toys for Teens and Tweens from Toy Fair 2013

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I attended the 2013 NYC Toy Fair last month and found a number of items that teens and/or tweens would love. I will be writing another article about card and board games. Below is a list and description of my favorite Toy Fair toys, non-board games and other items for teens and tweens:

Think Geek – While I have written about Think Geek before, I love their gifts and wanted to share some newer items:

  • Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Dice Set (for fans of The Big Bang Theory)
  • Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus
  • Monty Python Silly Walk T-shirt
  • Battlestar Galactica Clipboard, Captain Kara Thrace Earrings, and Starbuck and Sam Forever Wings Necklace Set
Perplexus Epic
Perplexus Epic – The most difficult of the Perplexus balls, and winner of TOTY 2013 Game of the Year, You navigate the steel ball along the tracks, through 125 barriers of varying difficulty as you try to defy gravity and deal with gnarly new twists, turns and barriers. For ages 8 and up.
M-Edge Cases – A great line of cases perfect for teens and tweens. They have the looks teens like as well as the protection parents want. Although not technically toys, they still make great gifts.
Be Amazing Toys – Fun science kits your tweens will love. The kits made for ages 8 and up are Dr. Dessert, Wired Science, Slime Factory, Great Geysers, Soda Geyser Car, Pop Top Rockerts, Epic Bubbles, Green Genius and Big Bag of Science. Winner of 2012 ASTRA Best Science Toy.
Romo the SmartPhone Robot (see picture at top) – This was one of the most adorable things I saw at Toy Fair 2013. Romo is a mobile robotic platform that uses your smartphone as its brain. When connected with any iOS device, Romo becomes a friendly robotic avatar that wanders about your home or office. Kids, teens and adults will all fall in love with Romo. Invite friends and family to control Romo from anywhere in the world. Create and play games with Romo and the more you use it the more it learns.
Ubooly – Somewhat similar to Romo, with Ubooly you place your iPhone or iPod Touch into the toy and you create a Smart Stuffed Animal. Just slide your iOS device into his pocket and he comes alive. He is updated with new activities every month. For tweens and younger.
Sweet Locks – Scented hairbrushes that will get tween girls to love brushing their hair. Initial scents are Strawberry Sweetcake and Cheeky Cherrylime, with more scents to come.
Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty – For all ages, over 30 colors of fun. There are a huge variety of putty types: Super Illusions putty, Super Magnetic putty, Crystal Clears putty, Putty Creatures putty, Heat Sensitives putty, Glow in the Dark putty and Color Shifting Illusions putty.
Toddy Gear – Do you want to get your teens and tweens to wipe and clean their laptop, cellphone and tablet screens more often? Check out Toddy screen cleaners. They also have beautiful cloths for you or your older teens and cute little wedge stands.
SmartLab – Award winning SmartLab: Where toys and books collide has many products that will empower, educate, entertain and enlighten your kids ages 8+. How do you think your tweens would enjoy “You-Build-It Headphones“? Some other popular items are a Programmable Robot, a Squishy Human Body and a Spa Day Party.
Lennon and McCartney Cups and Saucers – If you have any Beatles fans in the family, they will love this. The cup has the name of the song of part of the lyrics and the saucer looks just like a 45rpm record.
BlankZ – Bring out the artist in kids of any age with blankZ, a white soft plush toy made with special fabric and comes with markets that allow you to design it. When you tire of it, throw it in the wash and create again. Not just for young kids. I saw some real masterpieces at the Toy Fair.
What did you think of this list? Are there any toys above you might buy? Make sure you come back for my list of best board and card games for teens and tweens from Toy Fair NYC 2013.
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  1. I love going to Toy Fair but missed this year because of moving to a different home. I love seeing all the great toys.

  2. I love seeing all of the toys from the Toy fair. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell :

    It’s so fun to get a sneak peek of what the kids are likely to be clamoring for come Christmas!

  4. I’m a nerd, but I’m super excited for Battlestar Galactica Clipboard, Captain Kara Thrace Earrings, and Starbuck and Sam Forever Wings Necklace Set!!!

  5. Great list and comes in handy! My niece is a tween and I had no idea what to get for her bday! I think she’d like one of the science kits from Be Amazing Toys.

  6. Turning the Clock Back :

    My kids would love the science kits…Okay, *I* would like the science kits too!

  7. The Perplexus is one of my favorites! You have some cool ones on here that I haven’t seen before though!

  8. i have never been to the toy fair before that would be fun to take my daughter to

  9. Thanks for sharing these.. super excited to see some Tween and Teen toys.. LOVE what I’m seeing and can’t wait to try some of them soon I hope…

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