10 Interesting Websites for Teens

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While doing research for Connect with your Teens or even while just browsing the web, I often come across interesting websites that I want to share with you. However, I wind up bookmarking more sites than I have time to write individual posts about. I thought I would share these 10 very different websites for teens with you all at once:

1. Mother Daughter Book Club – A website to find age-appropriate reading lists, favorite selections, author interviews and reviews from moms of books that mothers and daughters can share.

2. SMITHTeens – A website for anyone ages 13-19 to share their story in six-word memoirs. Entries may be featured in their upcoming book “Six-Word Memoirs by Teens Famous & Obscure.

3. Life as a Teensizer – A blog about fashion, style, design and more for girls in their TEENS (sizes, that is).

4. Guys Read – To help boys become self-motivated lifelong readers this website recommends books that guys love. There are recommendations for guys of all ages.

5. TeenNick  – A website for teens and tweens, from the TeenNick television network, that contains games, videos, shows, quizzes, trends and community.

6. Sweet Search – A search engine made for students. It uses the insights of real people combined with technology to bring teens the websites they want and need and spare them the clutter of useless results. Owned and operated by the same parents company as findingDulcinea: Librarian of the Internet.

7. Challenge You – Teens and tweens can make and then play multiplayer online games for free. It is also a safe online community, where kids can also play other member’s games, vote, add comments and chat.

8. Girls Communicating Career Connections – Videos, games and fun activities produced by middle school girls about science and engineering careers for girls from under-served groups.

9. TechXav: We Teens Love Tech – A blog about technology written by eight teenagers aged 14 and 15.

10. Next Generation Journal: The Opinion Site for “The Next Generation” – Created by high school and college students, this website is a platform for teens and young adults to express their opinions about the issues that affect them most. “Next Generation Journal is an interactive Op/Ed page where teens and young adults can submit original opinion articles, discussion topics, and commentaries about issues including politics, world affairs, domestic news, sports, and culture. Visitors are encouraged to not only read the opinions posted, but also to consider and contribute their own unique viewpoints.”

I hope you will all find at least a few that your teens will enjoy. Feel free to suggest any others websites for teens in the comments.

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  1. Great list, I especially appreciated learning about the Guys read site. My older son would rather go to the orthodontist than read a book, so suggestions for boy books are always welcome in our house.

  2. Great list but how about http://www.dont-bother.com

  3. thanx 4 these websitez

  4. How about mine? It’s MOMS are from MARS: a teen girl’s guide to weird mothers. Blog posts every week on a number of teen topics.

    Warning: Heavy tongue-in-cheek action.



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