10 Games for Teens from Toy Fair 2011

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Find It at the Beach

In February I attended the 2011 Toy Fair in NYC. I saw so many great products that I wanted to recommend for teens, tweens and families that I had to break up my writing over a number of articles. Hopefully you’ve already seen 3 Teen and Tween Logic Solitaire Games and 5 Teens and Tween Products from Toy Fair 2011.

1. FURT –  A new party game from the makers of QUELF for teens and adults ages 14 and up. A whacky game which will keep everybody laughing. Players race to be the first into the mouth of the volcano and along the way are challenged to do things like draw an invisible jet, act out the words holiday sweater or talk like a robot. Coming Summer 2011.

2. Who Would Win: The Ultimate Celebrity Showdown – Also a brand new party game for ages 12 and up in which players debate who would win made up matches between various celebrities. For example – Who would win a pie eating contest between Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein? Players must convince the judge(s) why their character would win. From Gamewright.

3. Scene It? – Scene It? games have been big sellers for a long time and new editions get added every year. Great fun for families, the games involve watching scenes from movies or television shows and then answering trivia questions. Some of the biggest Scene It? hits have been Twilight Saga Deluxe, Deluxe Movie 2nd Ed., Disney Magical Moments and Seinfeld. One of the newest games that has already become a big hit is Scene It? Comedy Movies. Two other Scene Its coming out later this year that teens are sure to love are Harry Potter: The Complete Cinematic Journey and Glee. These are perfect family games.

4. Yamodo! Party Time: Your Mind Drawn Out – An award winning game where players, ages 12 and up, must make up a definition and a drawing for a made up word, and then convince the judge that theirs is the best. Great game for creativity.

5. FLAGGO! – Developed in conjunction with Hasbro, this multicultural game is a modern day version of trivial pursuit with an international flavor and unexpected twists. For ages 12 and up, this great family games asks educational questions about subjects such as geography, history, art, sport, architecture, music, literature and more. Currently this brand new game is only available on the FLAGGO! website.

6. Who Said What in the White House: A Board Game of Presidential Quotes and Questions – Not your typical presidential trivia game. Created for an Advanced Placement History class, this game is definitely for older teens and adults that enjoy history and trivia.

7. Find It – This was one of the coolest games I saw at Toy Fair 2001. It is not a board game, in fact it doesn’t really fit into a category of games. And it is actually very decorative. It is a long clear tube filled with tiny beads. Each Find It uses a different color scheme. My favorite is Find It at the Beach (see picture at top). In each game, between 40 and 50 small items, related to the topic of the game, are hidden inside (except the larger Deluxe edition which has 84 items to be found). It is almost impossible to find during one sitting. That is what makes this the perfect game for families. While this sits in a common room in the house, whenever there is time, anyone can pick it up and start searching. Or a set time can be put aside each day for the family to come together. Great for all ages.

8. Zelosport – What do you do if you don’t have room in your house for Knock Hockey or other sporty games. Try Zelosport Finger Football. You get a vinyl game board that comes in a plastic storage tube, and you can choose one with your favorite team’s logos and colors. The board fits on most tables and it comes with rules, dice, slider football and everything else you need to play.

9. You’ve been Sentenced – Read review at You’ve Been Sentenced Game for Teens and Tweens

10. Grateful DeadOpoly – Read review at Grateful DeadOpoly Pop Culture Board Game

Still to come are two more posts from Toy Fair 2011 – Best Card Games and Technology Finds for Teens and Tweens.

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