10 Cool New Gadgets from Consumer Electronic Show NY Press Preview

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The CES NY Press Preview was just a tiny fraction of what will be shown at CES Las Vegas in January, but it was still impressive. As technology advances, new gadgets and electronic are being made and sold that do some amazing new things. Here is a sample of what I saw at the CES NY Press Preview held November 10, 2009:

1. Dexim – The P-Flip Dexim Foldable Power Dock is the first foldable, portable, rechargeable power dock. In addition to using it on your desktop to charge and sync your iPhone/iPod Touch, you can also charge them on the go. It will extend your talk time up to 8 hours, video or games for 15 hours or 80 hours of music.

2. Advent – Enjoy Mobile TV in your car. Attaches on to any rear seat entertainment system to allow your kids to up to 20 channels of television. Only available at new car dealers.

3. Audiovox – A new product (VOD10PS2) that integrates PlayStation 2 into Audiovox’s car entertainment systems. No wires or extra hardware.

4. Viper – Believe it or not, the SmartStart iPhone app can unlock and start your car. The system works on any car with electric windows and locks. It includes a receiver that is installed in the car.

5. Regen – The creator of personal and home electronics powered by light has a new product, Renu, coming out in February 2010. Renu is a panel that you charge with the sun (it even comes with a suction cup so that you can mount it to a window). Once charged it will power all of your other personal electronics.

6. Both Bowers & Wilkins and Vestalife have very cool looking new iPod/iPhone speaker docks that both you and your teens would love. The Vestalife products (picture at right) have a younger feel whereas the Bowers & Wilkins are more adult.

7. BlueAnt – Their award-winning BleuAnt Q1 is the only headset on the market to offer a truly hands-free experience through voice control technology. It is the most advanced and easiest to use headset you can find.

8. Dual ElectronicsThe Cradle turns any iPod Touch into a complete GPS navigation device. Can be used in a car or for portable use.

9. Inada – The Inada Cube massage chair is unlike any you’ve ever seen. It is small, cute, and gives you a great lower body massage, especially on your feet and calves. The whole thing folds up into an ottoman when not in use.

10. Ooma – The Ooma Telo award winning system is a new type of home phone. It is an amazing looking device, which after the initial purchase, you can call anywhere in the U.S. for free with no monthly charges or contracts. Call-ID and Call-waiting are included. You can access your voicemail from any phone or web browser and receive email notification. All you need to run the phone is to connect the Ooma to your Internet and to a regular phone.

Make sure to check back in January when I write about the electronics and gadgets that I preview at the 2010 CES in Las Vegas.

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